Andrew Blauvelt on the Horizon Light

The Horizon Light at the reception desk at the Walker Art Center

We were in the process of updating the museum’s main ticketing desks, searching for a contemporary lamp that would fit into our facility-wide lighting plan to switch from incandescent and fluorescent sources to LED. The Horizon Light supplements our existing lighting sources, which are a combination of artificial and day lighting, and allows our staff to control the amount of light on their work surface, directing the light to where they need it. I needed a fixture that would fulfill these needs and fit into the overall aesthetic and design of a contemporary art museum. The Horizon Light’s innovative flat-panel LED creates a luminous, even plane of light and the minimalist armature articulates fluidly and naturally. Unlike the first generation of LED task lights, Horizon is a rare combination of an elegant, simple, and clear design that works.

Andrew Blauvelt, Curator of Architecture and Design, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

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