Designer-Friendly User-Research Methods

Published in INNOVATION, winter 2012

I am writing this article as an enthusiastic user of innovative design research tools and methods, with no claim to have invented any of them. I have had the privilege to know many of the pioneers in design research, including Niels Diffrient, FIDSA, Rick Robinson, John Cain, IDSA, Steve Wilcox, FIDSA, Paul Rothstein, John Rheinfrank and Bill Moggridge, FIDSA and have embraced and adapted many of their methods to use in my practice and teaching. I differentiate the industrial-strength methods of Wilcox, Robinson and others, which are usually applied to very complex problems, from what I am talking about here. Part of my interest has been on designer-friendly research methods that get the designer out of the studio and into the world to observe how people interact with things in real life. Read full article (PDF)

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