Arconas seating featured in Architect Magazine


Michael (right) and Curt Fentress teamed up to create airport seating for contemporary travelers – featured in Architect Magazine Photo courtesy: Fentress Architects

This interview in Architect Magazine details the innovative Arconas airport seating, designed by McCoy and Fentress. An excerpt follows.

It’s no secret that the functionality and comfort of airport seating are less than optimal, adding to the frustration of travelers juggling any combination of food, beverages, small children, mobile devices, and carry-on bags. Place, a seating system that’s particularly well-suited for spaces where large groups of people are forced to sit and wait, wants to change that. The system was designed by Denver-based Fentress Architects’ CEO and design principal Curt Fentress, FAIA, and industrial designer and former Cranbrook Academy of Art design department co-chair Michael McCoy, for contract seating manufacturer Arconas. It features integrated power outlets and USB ports, extra space [Read the full article…]

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