With Eyes Opened: Cranbrook Academy of Art Since 1932

Two pieces by Michael McCoy were selected for With Eyes Opened, the landmark exhibition of work produced by Cranbrook Academy of Art faculty and alumni over the last 9 decades.

With Eyes Opened, surveys the history of the Academy since its official founding in 1932. With more than 250 works representing the various programs of study at the school–architecture, ceramics, design, fiber, metals, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture–the exhibition occupies all of the museum’s galleries.

McCoy & Fentress Place Seating featured in Arconas Lookbook

Place was born out of the collaboration between Architect, Curt Fentress and Industrial Designer, Michael McCoy. Place is the next-generation public seating system delivering comfort and practicality in an elegant design. With integrated power and USB at every seat, generous tablet arms, drink holders, under-seat storage – and plenty of personal space – Place lets travelers work, read, game, or consume media in style.

The innovative Place seating is featured in this attractive Arconas lookbook. Download a copy here, for the next time you are choosing seating.

Place: History in the Making – Event Summary at ARCONAS

place-panel-discussion-cwf-0134-jk-800x530Arconas published a robust summary of the recent Place event at the Denver Art Museum. An excerpt of the summary follows, or you can read the full article here.

Place: History in the Making – Event Summary

On Saturday September 17th, Curtis Fentress and Michael McCoy presented Place®, their revolutionary new airport seating, at the Denver Art Museum. McCoy, a well-known industrial designer, and Fentress, an architect of public projects globally, took us through the early design process from concept to prototype to testing to manufacturing, and finally to marketing an airport seating system that has been embraced by the traveling public.


Photo: Jason A. Knowles © Fentress Architects

McCoy and Fentress are no strangers to airports. Fentress designed Denver International Airport, Incheon International Airport, and the new Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. McCoy has a history of designing airport seating with Colorado Seating for Artifort. The two designers teamed up to create Place after meeting at an Eero Saarinen lecture. Inspired by Saarinen and Charles Eames’ collaboration to design furniture, McCoy and Fentress decided to team up.

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Pablo Designs Introduces ‘The Corner Office’ at ICFF


MIAMI, FL – PABLO DESIGNS will unveil their latest product innovation in October at ICFF Miami titled the Corner Office, a collection of lighting fixture + smart furniture units that gives new meaning to the term “Open Plan Workspace.” Created and developed in partnership with celebrated product designers Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy, Corner Office pioneers the integration of task lighting and desktop power with visual privacy and sound reduction, in a truly global design vocabulary.

“We wanted to broaden the perspective of what an open plan working environment should be, keeping spaces flexible and adaptable but bringing back the privacy that people covet when working in open plan spaces,” explain Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy, co-designers of Corner Office. “The economic shift of recent years has led to a new appreciation of design that is easily adaptable, purposeful and minimal. Companies need their employees to work more efficiently and they are clearly open to invest in effective tools that save space without creating the feeling of density. For several years we have been doing research on conceiving a portable desk system that looks minimal while featuring a complex set of functions.”

Uninspired by some of the modern open plan workplaces where encouragement of spontaneous interaction often translates into lots of interruptions – hence the quip that ‘headphones are the new wall‘. – McCoy and Stathis set about designing a new system that brings privacy, and cleverly avoids the use of those high-backed booths. The result is Corner Office; a simple solution that helps define personal space and incorporates wellness and visual privacy.  The team has designed the furniture as a mobile and ergonomic flat-pack system that delivers a contained and semi-private office whenever you need it, or as Michael McCoy describes it “power, light and workplace privacy all in one easily set up unit.”

Working closely with the designers, Pablo Pardo from Pablo Designs explains the challenge was “to create a new breed of product to respond to the demands of today’s new type of productivity, while offering surprise and delight.” The result is a dynamic and flexible system that combines the efficiencies of mass production, the flexibility of custom materials and configurations for expressing personal preferences, and the carbon-reducing sustainability of flat shipping and local assembly for international markets.

The system includes three elements: a glare-free, fully dimmable LED corner task light that incorporates power ports featured in its armature; a set of optional acoustic deterrent fabric panels; and an optional pocket accessory that provides a place to rest a phone or tablet keeping the desk clutter-free. Elements are made up of aluminum and recycled fabric, that offer a familiar softness to the touch. The LED light is designed to provide up 50K hours of energy-efficient and maintenance-free illumination and is 97% recyclable.

Corner Office addresses multiple combinations and creative expressions in the office, home and hospitality environments. It is dynamic in visual expression, structural shape and detail and requires no tools to install it. While its overall aesthetic is simple, it reveals subtle intricacy in the places where elements come together. The sculptural origami-like shape of the panels outline a distinctive profile that is identifiable at a distance, while a refined magnetic connectors system provide highly flexible desktop planning for individuals, effortlessly and within minutes.

Booth #???

Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

From October 5, 6 from 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Curt Fentress and Michael McCoy present PLACE®: History in the Making at the Denver Art Museum


The Colorado AIGA profiles two of this regions most famous designers; Michael McCoy & Curt Fentress, AIA. McCoy and Fentress recount the development of their highly successful transportation seating system for Arconas. There will be interactive portions of the presentation with the audience as they pass around actual 3D printed parts of the PLACE seating for first hand review and touch.

PLACE: History in the Making

Sat, Sep 17, 2016 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Denver Art Museum
100 W 14th Ave Pkwy
Denver, CO 80204

Airports International Magazine features Arconas Place seating by Michael McCoy and Curt Fentress


In December of 2015, Airports International magazine published this article, detailing improvements to the airline passenger experience achieved through the use of Michael McCoy and Curt Fentress’ Place seating by Arconas. Excerpt follows…

The seat design and accessories are meant to transform a mere airport seat into a compact, tidy office, or as Arconas puts it, “Place makes every seat the best seat in the house.”

Download the complete article or read it below.

Arconas seating featured in Architect Magazine


Michael (right) and Curt Fentress teamed up to create airport seating for contemporary travelers – featured in Architect Magazine Photo courtesy: Fentress Architects

This interview in Architect Magazine details the innovative Arconas airport seating, designed by McCoy and Fentress. An excerpt follows.

It’s no secret that the functionality and comfort of airport seating are less than optimal, adding to the frustration of travelers juggling any combination of food, beverages, small children, mobile devices, and carry-on bags. Place, a seating system that’s particularly well-suited for spaces where large groups of people are forced to sit and wait, wants to change that. The system was designed by Denver-based Fentress Architects’ CEO and design principal Curt Fentress, FAIA, and industrial designer and former Cranbrook Academy of Art design department co-chair Michael McCoy, for contract seating manufacturer Arconas. It features integrated power outlets and USB ports, extra space [Read the full article…]